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Not only can having a positive attitude do wonders for your quality of life, it also affects your overall health in a positive way. Researchers have found that people with chronic pain, who also have a negative attitude, suffer worse pain than those with positive attitudes. Stress and negativity tend to make the sensations of pain stronger. Negative attitude folks also suffer from more psychological distress regarding their chronic pain.  What are other health benefits from having a positive mental attitude?

Better Functioning Immune System.
Without all the stress and anxiety that come with a negative attitude, your immune system is stronger and more likely to fight off illness.

Improved Heart Health.
Stress can wreak havoc on your heart – but in addition, people with a more positive attitude are often more open to leading a healthy lifestyle.  They tend to eat better and exercise more than those with a negative attitude resulting in better heart health.

Increased Resilience.
People with a positive attitude realize that trying times occur no matter what, but they are usually better equipped to deal with the unavoidable negatives of life and bounce back from these hard times more quickly and easily.

Faster and Better Recovery.
Researchers have found that in regard to recovering from surgery or medical procedures, having a positive outlook makes all the difference. The better the expectations of recovery a person has, the better and faster their recovery.

Longer Lifespan.
Having a positive attitude can help you age healthier. (Think less stress and more joy!) With a better functioning immune system, improved heart health, increased resilience through the ups and downs of life, an easier recovery when faced with medical procedures, and less pain, a positive outlook just might extend your life when compared to "Negative Nancy's".