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Will Someone Get Hurt Today?

Think about this.  Is it possible, or maybe even probable, for someone in your organization to make an unsafe choice today?  How you answer this question absolutely influences how much energy will be generated to reduce the risk of injury within your company.  What would you do; what would you look for; and what might you say to your team if someone came into your office today and told you that in the next hour an employee was going to get hurt? 

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What's Causing Your Neck Pain?

Some of the most common causes of neck pain:

  • Poor posture and muscle strains. When you slouch and collapse your shoulders forward, it puts unwanted stress on the body. Muscle strains can result from overuse such as tilting your head and chin in an undesirable position for too long (looking up, down, or having your neck bent to the side).

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Positive Attitude - Better Health

Not only can having a positive attitude do wonders for your quality of life, it also affects your overall health in a positive way. Researchers have found that people with chronic pain, who also have a negative attitude, suffer worse pain than those with positive attitudes. Stress and negativity tend to make the sensations of pain stronger. Negative attitude folks also suffer from more psychological distress regarding their chronic pain.  What are other health benefits from having a positive mental attitude?

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Winter Weather Health Advisory – Heart Attack

By Cody Boren, Occupational Athletic Trainer

Brrrr. It is officially that time of the year! It’s time to bundle up inside and get warm and cozy while we watch our favorite Christmas movies, right? This time of the year brings joy and happiness to just about anyone without the name Grinch or Scrooge, but it can also be the most dangerous and shocking time if you don’t take the right precautions. During the winter months the number of heart attacks and fatalities as a result, dramatically increases in parts of the country that see below freezing temperatures and significant snowfall.

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